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02 Jan 2019

This Guy Hears a Knock on the Door. You Won’t Believe What He Sees When He Answers.


He heard a knock on his back door. Thinking that this was strange as he woke up, a brief investigation ensued. It would become an unexpected discovery.

There was a young buck standing on his back porch. The deer was using his antlers to knock on the door.

Changes in weather can create odd behaviors in some animals, including deer. If they become cold, then they will seek shelter in unusual ways if their usual nesting spots do not offer relief. In this instance, the deer was asking for permission to come inside.

Jason Powell, the homeowner, believes that the buck saw his reflection in the sliding glass doors, then mistook that for another deer. Since his friend was already in the house, why shouldn’t he be in there too?

What Would You Do with a Deer at Your Door?

Powell said that he was still in his underwear after waking up because of the sound. He wasn’t really sure what to do with the buck using his antlers to knock on the back door of his Marion, IL home.

“I jumped up and went to the front door and didn’t see anything,” said Powell. “I look down the hallway and see this huge buck standing at my back glass door just staring at me.”

As any homeowner in a similar situation, instead of trying to find pants, Jason took out his phone to record the incident.

“When you’re nose-to-nose with a big buck, and still in your underwear trying to figure out what you’re going to do, there’s not a lot of options at that point,” he said.

The video shows the buck seemingly asking permission to come into the home. There’s even a moment where it seems like the deer is wiping his hooves on the doormat, proving that he has the correct manners to come inside.

What Eventually Happened to the Buck?

After knocking on the back door several times to enter, Powell says that he was eventually able to scare the deer away – though he admits that the deer wanted to prove that fear wasn’t the reason why he was leaving.

“He was kind of prancing and strutting around,” said Powell. “He kept looking back at me, like kind of staring me down, like trying to show me who’s the boss I guess.”

Hunters in the Midwest often spend a lot of time preparing for their season, purchasing tree stands, cold weather gear, and other supplies to fill their tags. Powell could go hunting in his underwear in the comfort of his home if this behavior keeps up.

This story of a deer trying to come inside isn’t the only one of its type. A family in Texas once had an animal come crashing through their glass front door, then couldn’t get back outside. It started slamming into the walls, getting trapped in the back bathroom, creating a huge mess to clean up afterward – and the family was home at the time. 

For the full interview with Jason Powell, be sure to visit WISL ABC Channel 3’s website. 

26 Dec 2018

Madison the Dog Waited Weeks for Her Owners to Show Up. Here’s Why.


Paradise, California was wiped off the map by a raging wildfire in 2018. Andrea Gaylord had to flee her home with no time to spare was heartbroken because she couldn’t get to her dog, Madison. The only thing she could do was ask animal rescuers in the area after the fire went through to check on her property and look for her pet.

The Camp Fire killed 85 people, making it the worst wildfire in the history of the state.

Against all the odds, when Shayla Sullivan fulfilled the request to check on the property, there was Madison sitting in the ashy remains of the property. The dog was apprehensive and fearful, not allowing anyone to come near. They left food and water at the site, then managed to find Miguel, Madison’s brother, who had made it to a local shelter after the fire.

When Gaylord returned to her property a week later when authorities let her into the exclusion zone, there was Madison waiting for her. He got up immediately with a wagging tail, came over for a head scratch, and enjoyed his favorite treat: a box of wheat thins.

“Imagine the loyalty of hanging in during the worst of circumstances and being here waiting,” Andrea told local station ABC10. “It was so emotional.” 

She Had a Feeling That He Had Survived the Wildfire

When the evacuation orders were lifted, Gaylord said that she had to return home to see the damage for herself. She pulled up to the property and saw Madison there waiting, seemingly guarding the place where his home used to be.

“You could never ask for a better animal,” she said. “You really couldn’t.” 

The K9 Paw Print Rescue Group broke the story about Madison on their Facebook page. Over 17,000 reactions and 11,000 shares made the post viral in less than a month.

Over 150,000 acres burned in the Camp Fire, destroying over 14,000 structures.

Do We Even Deserve to Have Dogs in Our Lives?

The stories of dog loyalty are both encouraging and heartbreaking.

Hachiko came to meet the evening train every day for almost 10 years after his owner died at work. A statue now stands in his honor where he used to sit every night waiting. 

Zanjeer was given a hero’s funeral after passing away from canine cancer because he’d located 600 detonators, 250 hand grenades, and thousands of kilograms of explosives in Mumbai.

Sergeant Stubby was a veteran of 17 battles during World War II. He learned how to salute, knew what all the bugle calls meant, and alerted his unit to the presence of mustard gas. He could also hear bombing raids before his human counterparts.

Bobbie got lost on a family vacation. It took him six months to cover the 3,000 miles, but he eventually made it home.

Dogs mean the world to us, but we are their everything. The loyalty they show us, even in the most challenging of times, goes beyond compare. Madison is one of many incredible survival stories which show us why having a dog means you have more than a pet – you have a best friend.

15 Dec 2018

This Fox Was Saved from Litter. Not Every Animal Is So Lucky.


If you saw a sick fox struggling with something stuck around its neck, would you step in to try helping the animal? 

A couple spotted the animal with a section of drain pipe stuck around its neck. Between the litter and issues with mange, it would be a challenge for the fox to survive without an intervention.

The poor fox already had physical malformations because of the item around his neck. They first tried to lure the animal with some food, but it was too wily for that type of bribery.

Eventually, the couple got close enough to grab him. It was only a paw at first, and the fox was not happy about the situation. He tried to bite, but thankfully the Good Samaritan was wearing gloves that prevented an injury.

They were able to remove the section of drain around the fox’s neck. Then they brought the animal home to nurse him back to health. A fox specialist was consulted to ensure that they were offering the correct care that was needed. 

It only took about a month for the fox to be healthy enough to be released back into the wild. 

More information about this story can be found through this link:

This Issue is a Common Problem with Foxes

Foxes are naturally curious, so they are always sticking their heads in places where potential dangers are possible.

A fox in Germany was discovered in 2012 with a section of tubing around her neck as well. She grew up with the litter around her neck without it seeming to affect her development adversely. The animal would trot around Bursfelde in Lower Saxony looking for food with its mates at night.

“If I move quietly and talk softly to her, she allows me to get very close – sometimes she is only 1 foot away from the camera,” said photographer Duncan Usher, who brought light to this earlier story. 

She wouldn’t let anyone come close enough to remove the section of pipe though. Coming around each night for some extra food, however, is never a problem.

What Happens If You See an Injured Fox?

If you see an injured fox that needs help, the first option should be to contact local animal control resources. They are trained to deal with this situation and can often provide more support than you in that situation.

Foxes might seem cute and friendly, but they are still a wild animal. Just ask Anthony Scofield, who suffered a fractured wrist and two bite wounds when he tried to fight off a fox that was attacking his cat after getting into his home somehow.

Urban foxes can be dangerous, especially in Europe, where attacks on children and pets have increased since 2010. One incident involved a fox breaking into a nursery to attack nine-month-old twins.

As for the couple who saved the fox from the drainage tube, they had a positive outcome. Would you take similar actions?