If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to improve your fitness and health in 2019, then these are the best apps that you’re going to want to download to your mobile device today.

#1. Fitbit Coach

If you own a Fitbit, then this app is definitely for you. It will take your daily activity data, and then recommend exercises or offer fitness feedback based on the information you create. 

This structure makes it possible to take what you learn from your wearable technology to the next level.

#2. AloMoves

This app offers access to several thousand guided yoga practices from some of today’s most famous names in the industry. There are over 2,000 videos, organized into several hundred plans or single classes, which can help you work on specific skills or overall core strength.

#3. Studio Bloom

This app is perfect for women who are pregnant or are thinking about becoming pregnant in the coming year. It offers access to fitness videos which are specifically tailored to meet your new unique health needs. There are about 50 workouts available right now, with some only seven minutes in length.

#4. Our Body Electric

If you download this app, then you’ll receive a schedule of dancing, sculpting, power exercise, and high-intensity fitness routines which can take your workouts to new heights. The structure of the videos includes colorful backgrounds and high-energy instructions which make the activities feel more like a party than hard work.

#5. Peloton

If you subscribe to Peloton Digital, then you don’t have to worry about investing in their bike or treadmill to benefit from this program. You’ll gain access to their classes which are streamed live, which you can then follow along with on your own bike or treadmill. You can even run the app from your phone, and then follow along when you’re at the gym. Take advantage of their outdoor classes, floor instruction, or their boot camp for additional benefits.

#6. Asana Rebel

If core power is your top priority for 2019, then this yoga-inspired app will get you to where you want to be. It offers access to free workouts, plus you have the option to purchase premium content if you wish. The app allows you to input goals, track your progress, and then choose programs based on the intensity levels you want or the time commitments you need. 

#7. Trainiac

This fun app gives you the ability to have a personal trainer working with you, no matter where you choose to exercise. You’ll stay more motivated to reach your fitness goals because the program tailors itself to your specific health requirements. You get to speak with accredited fitness professionals in real-time through audio, text, and video while having your workouts adjusted to accommodate the equipment you have at home.

If 2019 is going to be the year that you finally achieve your fitness goals, then these apps are an excellent way to start that process. Download your favorite one today, and then begin the journey.