If you’re trying to get control of your weight, or you just want to start eating better, then there are certain foods you should avoid.

Most of us are familiar with the typical foods that a diet plan restricts when you are pursuing fitness goals. Deep-fried items, sugary beverages, and prepackaged desserts usually top that list of things to avoid.

If you were to speak with nutrition experts about the foods they avoid to maintain their health, then these are the items which make their list.

#1. Processed Meats

Hotdogs, sausage, bacon, and processed meats like pepperoni contain high levels of nitrates. They can also include high sodium levels because of the work it takes to create the food items. Eat them as a special treat on a rare occasion to avoid potentially higher risks for heart disease and high blood pressure. 

#2. Sugary Coffee

Coffee on its own can be good for you. If you prefer a blended drink from a specialty provider, you might find that the entire beverage contains over 500 calories and 20 teaspoons of sugar. If you consume high levels of added sugar (not fructose, like you’d find in fruits and vegetables), then you can double your risks of heart disease. Try stopping once per week for a coffee creation instead of every day.

#3. Stick Margarine

Substituting stick margarine for butter is not always the healthiest choice. Most are created through the use of partially hydrogenated oils, so they’re loaded with trans-fat. That will boost your LDL cholesterol numbers and lower your HDL figures at the same time. The saturated fat in butter is actually better for you than the trans-fat in margarine. The better solution, according to nutritionists, is to eliminate both from your diet.

#4. Preserved Pastries

The shelf life of processed pastries creates an issue with preservatives and personal health. It is better to stick with real desserts instead of sugary snacks like Pop Tarts or Twinkies. Although shelf-stable foods may not offer a significant impact on your health, eating fresh foods, lean meats, and lots of Omega-3s will always be better than items which are loaded with preservatives.

#5. Canned Frosting

Did you know that the FDA allows food companies to round downward on trans-fat levels if it is less than 0.5g per serving? That’s why canned frosting should never be in your diet. The serving size is much smaller than what the average person consumes, which means you could take as big a hit on this health issue as you would with stick margarine. If there is hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fat in the ingredients, then look for something else.

#6. Sugary Cereals

This food item offers a high calorie count with a low fiber number to create a poor nutritional result. You’d be better off eating a dessert than you are with this start to your day. If you can’t put down the sugary cereals, then try mixing your favorite one with a low-sugar one to reduce your calorie intake.

What are some of the substitutions you’ve made with your diet to avoid foods like these that nutritionists say that they would never eat?