A superhero cape is more than just a piece of fabric. It is a tool that can transform the kids who wear them into fighters who can put their illness or disease into remission.

Kids who find themselves in the hospital because of cancer and other devastating diseases look forward to Cape Day, even if they don’t realize what is coming. It is a way to honor their strength when everything else seems to be going against them.

When a child puts on their own cape, then they begin to feel like the superhero that everyone else already sees in them.

It might be a small boost of encouragement, but it is also a vital message that every child and family receives with this simple gift. You can get through this.

You have what it takes to be great.

It All Started with One Volunteer and a Handmade Cape

The inspiration for Cape Day came about at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta because of one volunteer with a big heart and a child named DJ. After giving the kiddo the handmade cape with his initials on it, the hospital staff saw a remarkable transformation in his attitude.

That started a tradition that has become an annual ritual at the hospital since 2014. Each cape represents perseverance, hope, and courage.

It’s not just the kids who get to wear the capes either. Adults and family members are superheroes too because when a child gets sick, all of their loved ones join in on the fight.

Then you’re encouraged to go outside and do something kind for another person, whether that act is big or small. When there is more kindness in the world, then there are great things that we can all do to change the world.

And no one is more inspiration than a child working to defeat cancer when you want to talk about courage, compassion, and kindness.

How You Can Get Involved with Cape Day

Cape Day is an annual tradition that is celebrated at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, but it is also something that you can participate in wherever you happen to live.

The official day is October 19th. You are welcome to celebrate the meaning of this event every day throughout the year if you wish. 

That’s because you have the power to spread kindness wherever you go.

Although the day is celebrated only once per year, you can get involved at any time with this project by sponsoring a cape for a patient. Just go to the hospital’s primary website, www.choa.org, and then click on the link to buy a cape.

This process will take you to the checkout screen where you can donate however many capes you want for $20 each. It is a purchase which ensures that a child in need will get the chance to become a superhero for the day.

If you prefer to donate the money by mail, you can send a check marked “Cape Donation” to the following address.

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

3395 NE Expressway, Suite 100

Atlanta, GA 30341