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Most people find themselves in a position where they would like to lose a little weight at some point in their lives.

With so many different diet programs available today, it can be a challenge to know which options provide healthy choices. There is no one-size-fits-all plan that is currently available. 

If you’re trying to choose the best diet plan for you, then you need to think about what you can live with over the long term. Will the diet make you happy, or cause you to stress out?

Look at factors such as flexibility, enjoyment, and longevity for best results. 

Best Diets to Try for Losing Weight

1. The Keto diet encourages the body to enter a state of ketosis because of its emphasis on protein while removing carbohydrates. You must follow this plan consistently without cheat days for it to offer results.

2. The Paleo diet takes you back to the foundations of human eating habits. It follows the concept that you can only eat foods which would be available to our ancient ancestors. You will be eating a lot of fruits, vegetables, eggs, fish, and poultry if you choose this option.

3. The Atkins diet is one that some people have followed for several decades with success. It’s another low-carb eating plan which encourages your body to enter a stage of ketosis. As you go through the different phases of the diet, you’re allowed to eat more carbohydrates, which restores your overall energy levels.

4. The DASH diet is a good one to choose if you’re struggling with issues like obesity or heart disease. The goal of this eating plan is to reduce salt levels while increasing the number of fruits and vegetables that you consume. This structure results in a reduction of blood pressure and lower body fat over time. 

Worst Diets to Try for Losing Weight

1. The military diet claims that you can lose up to 10 pounds in a single week. The diet severely limits the number of calories you eat while eliminating entire food groups, so it can be more harmful than good for many individuals. Strange food pairings, like bananas with hot dogs, are a trademark of this eating plan.

2. The Apple cider vinegar diet suggests that you can control blood sugar levels and your weight by incorporating more of this product in what you eat. Because it interacts negatively with some medications, especially those that are used for heart disease or diabetes treatments, you must take care of when choosing this option.

3. The cabbage soup diet will have you eating this dish three times every day. You’ll also get to eat other foods on specific days when you follow its nutritional plan. On the first day, you would get to eat fruit except for bananas. Then on the second day, you could eat a non-starchy vegetable, but you couldn’t eat any fruit.

There are plenty of other diets out there which claim significant benefits if you follow them to the letter. Sometimes the best way to lose weight is to think about portion control, add some extra exercise, and then focus sugar limitation. 

Before starting any new diet, you should speak with your doctor about what the best options are for your health.