If you’re thinking about tackling a diet as a way to lose weight, then you’re not alone. These were the top diet trends that were searched for on Google in 2018.

#1. The Keto Diet

This option involves eating high-fat foods, some protein, and virtually no carbohydrates. This process gives you a chance to enter ketosis, but it can also increase the risk of heart disease for some people.

#2. The Dubrow Diet

This diet option comes from the Dubrow family, who wrote about their own approach to eating. It combines intermittent fasting with a low-carb emphasis. You’ll avoid processed foods on this diet as well.

#3. The Noom Diet

This diet is the combination of an app and nutritional coach which offers lifestyle tips, food journaling, and educational opportunities about caloric density. The goal is to help people understand what they’re eating to get a handle on portion control.

#4. The Carnivore Diet

This option requires you to eat animal proteins and derived products only. You’ll miss out on several vitamins and minerals when following this idea, but it is also easier to reach a state of ketosis when following this eating plan.

#5. The Mediterranean Diet

This diet is always in the top of the search rankings because it works so well. It’s regularly labeled as the best diet that you can follow. Following it strictly is linked to a lower risk of chronic disease while increasing your brain power. It includes foods like seafood, olive oil, and the occasional glass of red wine.

#6. The Optavia Diet

This option uses several different weight loss programs to create a system of eating that works for you. It’s similar to programs like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, requiring you to consume the food offered by the company only. You’ll receive pasta, snack bars, and mixes for shakes and soups. Kits begin around $400, which also gets you access to a nutritional coach.

#7. The Dr. Gundry Diet

This diet suggests that you cut out lectins from your diet, which are indigestible proteins from plants that can cause inflammation in some people. Since there are plenty of foods which contain lectin, this option is one of the most restrictive weight loss options on this list.

#8. The Fasting Diet

Intermittent fasting is a popular concept that went viral in 2018 because of its potential benefits. By restricting your eating to specific windows, the goal is to let your body recover the energy spent on digestion to use it in different ways. The most popular way to follow this diet is to eat within an eight-hour window, then fast for 16 hours.

#9. The Shepherd’s Diet

This diet looks to Biblical figures as a way to encourage healthier eating. It only uses the fats which are mentioned in the Bible while following a low-carb eating profile. Just watch out for the surprise charges that come after signing up to follow it.

What is the diet option which tempts you the most as your weight loss goals move into 2019 and beyond?