If you’re tired of following diets that have you losing weight only to gain it back again, then you are not alone. This trend plagues millions of people every year in their battle against obesity. 

The Mayo Clinic diet offers some expert tips that can help you achieve the weight loss you want, then keep it off, with some simple changes to your eating habits.

#1. Stop eating when you’re watching TV.

You should never eat a meal while sitting in front of the television. The Mayo Clinic recommends that you should avoid snacks in this situation as well. Since you’re not moving during the shows or movies you watch, then there is an excellent chance that you could be eating or drinking something without thinking about what you’re doing. 

This “boredom eating” trend can add hundreds of calories to your diet.

#2. Avoid eating processed or pre-packaged foods.

The Mayo Clinic also recommends that you eat as many foods as possible when they are closest to their natural state. When you make fresh fruits and vegetables a top priority, combined with meats and fish which do not contain high levels of preservatives, then your diet receives a bigger punch of nutrients. 

Processed foods tend to provide high levels of salt and sugar which can spike your blood pressure and glucose numbers.

#3. Set realistic goals that you can achieve today.

People who start a diet tend to follow “outcome” goals instead of “daily” ones. You might want to lose 50 pounds, so that becomes the foundation of each activity you choose. These goals aren’t as effective because you don’t see tremendous weight loss right away with most eating plans. A better solution is to focus on processes or actions that achieve results, like eating two extra servings of vegetables every day. Keep track of each daily goal in a diet diary to prove to yourself that you’re making progress toward that overall level of fitness you want.

#4. Start eating at home more often.

Although purchasing food at a restaurant is convenient, easy, and delicious, these items have a direct connection to weight gain for many people. If you want to lose weight, then avoid the portions and high-calorie menu options that you’ll find at local institutions. If you struggle to give this habit up, try eliminating one visit to a restaurant each week until you’re planning all of your meals at home. 

Try to plan meals for an entire week instead of each day to avoid overeating too. 

#5. Find ways to start exercising a little more.

You don’t need to purchase a home gym or buy an expensive membership to start losing weight. Engaging in more activities with greater frequency will help you begin to keep those extra pounds off. Take the stairs instead of opting for the elevator. Park at the back of the parking lot instead of the front.

If you make it your mission to eat better and move more, you’ll find that losing weight isn’t as challenging as it seems sometimes. These new lifestyle habits will help you to keep those extra pounds off more often too!